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I had my first flatcoated retriever Tahvo (FI CH Chiccoxen Bashful Bumpkin) 1999. At the same time I was pulled in to the charms of hunting and training with a retriever. We started with obedience and agility and after getting through retrieving test we started to train for hunting trials. Tahvo was a versatile dog with a huge ego and working will. Quite a challenge for a beginner, but we did okay in several dog sports although hunting was the top thing for Tahvo. I sadly lost him 2009 due to cancer. Eventhough being very important dog to me Tahvo was not the first one. I grew up in a big family consisting not only chidren, but my mothers and fathers springerspaniels. They used to breed them with prefix Annstar. Nowadays their breeding work continues with cairnterriers. So my very first own dog was an englishspringerspaniel Veera (Juurilehdon Veera). She was my loyal companion in my teen years, but she wasn't much of a working dog, no matter how much I tried to train with her. If the will to work is not there, then it is not there.

I started breeding with my second flat Viivi ( FI WCH Zebulons Windy Peg). She proved to be most pleasurable bitch to train and hunt with and has a lots of working quality. As a friendly and brave natured and healthy girl, she fullfilled my criteria for a foundation bitch. I got three litters (V-, F- and T-litters) from her. With flatcoats it's now time to plan for a second generation. At home I have Viivi's daughter Minttu (F.Fame), a promising youngster and I'm pleased to have her to work with. I also co-own her littersister Marge (F.Fink) and two pups from T-litter (F.Tierna and F.Tarina). I have so far imported three more flats Nalli (Zebulons Forever Dorado), Sylvi (Munkhaven Almo Billi) and Migi (Mingus Umbra Fida). It is yet to be seen what plans we'll fullfill with the next generation.

Another person behind Filurin prefix is Juha-Pekka Raappana. He added dachshunds to the mix as well as one american foxhound. I got interested with wirehaired dachs and started training for watergame trials and tracking with  Iitu (FI WCH-C FI WCH-W Usvasuon Sirkku). Juha-Pekka does the fox hunting and cave trials with our dachs. Iitu has a passion to work. Her thing is cavehunting, but her passion shows in every type of hunting and she has proved her versatility. We've had two litters (R-litter, I-litter) from Iitu so far. Both litters are fairly young, but are starting to show working quality. We have one of iitu's daughters living with us: Tuksu (F.Ilex). After a dramatic loss of our co-owned bitch from Iitu, we bought Irma (Isagrove's Cherry Bomb) and placed her in the same family. We hope to have one more litter from Iitu amd then see who'll be the one to continue the motherline. Our aim with dachs is to produce excellent cavehunters.

Our main criteria in breeding is to have excellent working quality. In addition we do take health very seriously and try to maintain the genepole. When possible we take beauty in to consideration and try to make also typey dogs. Most pleasurable to us is to have healthy working dog with a good structure and in good condition to work and hunt with.

We train our dogs for hunting and hunting trials and occasionally we attend dog shows and other dog sports. We are a busy family with two boys born 2010 and 2012. They tend to take their time and my other passion with horses has had to be in the background. Our boys and dogs fill our days with activity.

Please browse through our pages and take contact if you find to have interest in our dogs or breeding program.

 © Tiina Pikkuaho, email: filurin(@)gmail.com